Wednesday, July 4, 2007

a for...

are there degrees of assholism?

is there a type 1 asshole, a b-asshole and the alpha asshole?

are there benign and malignant assholes?

incurable and wannabe assholes?

first-time and certified assholes?

genetic and acquired assholes?

is assholism an instinct?

is it contagious?

will it spread by touch?

by association?

is there an Assholics Anonymous and how do you get someone admitted there?

does it make you an asshole if you treat an asshole like an asshole?

can you spot an asshole by just looking at one?

do assholes have assholes?

how do you gently break the news to someone that he’s an asshole?

are there asshole doctors in the yellow pages?

can you get arrested for being an asshole?

should there be capital punishment for assholes?

can assholes plead for clemency?

how does an asshole prove his innocence?

can you sue for false arrest?

are there countries that have legalized euthanasia for assholes?

should assholes be allowed to run for government, be bosses or hold positions of authority?

is there a self-examination test to check if you’re an asshole?

have you taken one recently?

peace, love, empathy
ram cobain

(assuredly not an asshole)


Quicksilver! said...


Traversing through your delightful blog is a Sunday afternoon well spent, Ram ;)


ram cobain said...

:-) am in office working - yup on a sunday - but your comment just made my day!

P.S. - Sachin hit a blazing 71 in today's 'do or die' match


Sue said...

I'll direct some of the 'a*******' know to this blog, maybe they can answer some of those profound questions put forth in this post.

Delightfully funny... I must say.

ram cobain said...

:-) ;-) thanks sue!!! aye do that, i'll be glad to ask them a few more qs