Saturday, July 28, 2007

a pageful of autobiography

they look up to me

they think I’m cool

I agree

I’m a metal head

I love Slayer

my ambition is to take a loan and go to the US and watch Slaaaaaayer live

I pose with my tongue out

I wear black tees with hideous designs

I sing kishore kumar songs

I sound horrible

I haven’t used a comb in 3 years

I’m balding

I'm heterosexual

I’ve loved, lost and not learnt

I’m searching for you

I can’t dance

I like dancing

I make the same mistakes still

I have heroes

I'd love to be a martyr

I have obvious and secret admirers

I don't have a tattoo, yet

i love books

I’m a good friend

I have few enemies but they remember me

I hope I’m a good son

I’m a talented writer

I'm a passionate advertising writer

I try to be a good junior

I try harder to be a good boss

I’m an awesome poet

I’m not modest but I’m humble

I’m an optimist

I wear Levis

I wear contact lenses

I make mindblowing yellow dal

I wash my own clothes

I think too much

I've slapped a guy once, hard

I’m vegetarian but I don’t like veggies

I love dogs

I believe in God

I’m single

I have a matrimony id

I love beer

I’ve never smoked

I don't polish my shoes

I don't wear shirts but i look wow when i do

my last credit card bill was for Rs. 46000

I don’t save

I swear in hindi and smile

my favourite TV show is South Park

I had a compound skull fracture on my Enfield

I ride it still

I believe in Sachin Tendulkar

I’m a Nirvana fan

I often repeat myself

they call me ram cobain

I call me ram cobain


rupal said...

waaah!!! me a ram cobain fan!!

ram cobain said...

:-) :-) :-) thanks!!! me thinks you rule too!!

Random Vignettes said...

You know if u have a matrimony ID this is what you should put up in the section where it says "about me" and then watch how they all come flocking!


ram cobain said...

ahhahahaaa! the matrimony id is mom's doing...not sure i want to speeden up things :-) but thanks for the compliment!!!!! btw u and taraa haven't told me how you know me...aaaaaaargh!!!

Quicksilver! said...

I loved reading this post.

I found myself smiling @ I have few enemies but they remember me.

I found myself nodding @ I wash my own clothes and asking it's so theraputic, isnt it?

They call me M!


ram cobain said...

thank you M! i wouldn't call washing clothes theraputic...drinking beer is that for me :-)

gracias again, friend.

Sue said...

wow...I am super glad I ran into your blog...your honesty and clarity about yourself is refreshing. :)

ram cobain said...

heya sue, thanks for the nice words! say, what do you do other than writing your blog and reading others?


peace, love. empathy

Tequila said... cool.

somewhere along the way, i was ticking up those things that so apply to me.....

ram cobain said...

hi aks

thanks for your nice words and a loud heya for being similar :-)

peace, love, empathy