Thursday, June 21, 2007


to you, old friend

to you, new hope and rainbow

to you, beautiful voyeur

to you, sweet lost love, holding on

to you, ancient enemy keeping tab

to you, stranger trolling by

to you, fellow Stephen King Constant Reader

to you, the cure

to you, the curse

to you, comrade in words

to you, fan

to you, critic saerching for grammer flaws

to you, happy teacher

to you, wannabe blogger

to you, passionate plagiarist

to you

yes you.

happy reading.

ram cobain


rupal said...

i m not a voyeur i m not a fan
i m not not an old friend nor m i critic
i am not a teacher, ur lost love i m not.
but i know i m there and still i m not...

Peridot said...

I like.

ram cobain said...

i like your comment too :-) gracias!!

Quicksilver! said...

Happy reading, indeed!:)

ram cobain said...

:-) gracias da!!!