Saturday, June 16, 2007


the last time I saw a man without a problem, he was busy inventing one.

because as life has taught us in surprisingly sneaky ways, the light at the end of the tunnel is often that of the incoming train.

and we’ve been very good pupils. Observant. Obedient. Outstanding. We’ve memorized and internalized, accepted that these shoulders were meant for drooping, the head for falling and the chest for tuberculosis.

at the cost of sounding like Ayn Rand, this is what your fellow student has learnt:

we all have our issues, our albatrosses, our skeletons, our demons. it may be a fear of rejection, of shame, of hurt, of inadequacy. of not loving enough or of loving too much. of being too fat or too thin, too ugly or too beautiful, of being too tall, too short, too poor, too rich, too this or too that.

I don’t know who your personal bogeyman is. and I’m sure as inflation not going to tell you who’s mine.

but I do know that he’s also doing the rounds at someone else’s home . What you’re feeling, others too are feeling. You may be special, but the bogeyman believes in quantity over quality. Every time.

once you realize that you’re not the only one he’s stalking, things will look up. The Law of Solace in Mass Suffering. It’s as true as that Murphy was a pessimist. it works for me, and believe me when I say it’ll work for you.

for the pup’s piddle only appears like a leviathan’s leak when you feel singled out.

so smile, my sunshine brother. you’re not alone in whatever you're facing.

the bogeyman is a sadist, don’t give him your tears when a knee to the groin is what he’s asking for.

let your hands fall but clench those knuckles. appear weak only to lull him into coming close.

and then unlearn.

even old dogs can do this successfully.

peace, love, empathy
ram cobain


Quicksilver! said...

From what I have been reading on Caferati, I though you were brill with poetry. Profound Philosophy brilliant wrapped in wit is your other forte, I what I have discovered through your blog. Great going, Ram! Keep writing!

ram cobain said...

wow!!! that is an AWESOME compliment!!! thanks so much. really.

this particular topic just stuck's my way of keeping afloat....and i thought, "hey let me try putting it down in words..."

happy you liked it.

ram cobain said...

oops "struck" me